LG Nexus 5 is a class apart smartphone

LG Nexus 5LG Nexus 5 has been the most promising handset that has been launched by the company recently. The model has been classified as among the best gadget that users have seen in a long time. LG Nexus 5 deals have been the best seller in the market due to its low rentals and the amount of incentives and offers that it comes with. The phone has a 4.95 inches large touchscreen with a brilliant resolution. The model also comes with OS v4.4 which is the latest operating platform in the Android segment. Also the gadget has an 8MP camera for higher multimedia features.

In the contract segment the phone comes out with all networks at attractive rentals. LG Nexus 5 contract has been launched with Orange at a line rental of £26 and the deal offers free handset in this 24 months contract. The incentives in this deal are 200 minutes with unlimited texts and 750MB data. Also there is a cashback of £145 that pulls down the effective monthly cost to £19.96 per month. LG Nexus 5 on EE is out at £29.99 per month tariff. The deal offers free handset with 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data every month.

In other deals, the model has been coupled with half and free line rentals. Vodafone offers the model with a cashback of £217 by Redemption and the effective cost thus comes to £19.96 per month. The incentives in this deal are 600 minutes with unlimited texts and 500MB data. LG Nexus 5 on O2 is out for a monthly cost of £32 and the network offers a free refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. This proves to be a great tariff for someone who is looking to buy a tablet device separately. The incentives in this deal are 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 750MB data.

LG Nexus 5 is a class apart smartphone
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